Braces (Orthodontics) & Dentures

What are braces?
Braces are small metal or clear devices that are glued to teeth in order to correct crooked teeth and/or a bad bite.

Who can wear braces?

The majority of patients being treated with braces are growing children, although many adults also decide to have orthodontic treatment. Some children may require first-stage or growth treatment before they are fitted with braces. This treatment usually involves the use of a removable appliance. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have an appointment with an orthodontist by the age of 7 to screen for problems and to plan treatment if problems are detected. A child or adult can see the orthodontist at whatever age problems with tooth position or the bite are noticed.

Do braces hurt the teeth?

Generally braces are a very safe procedure. Damage to the teeth and gums can occur, however, if the teeth are not kept very clean during orthodontic treatment. Virtually all orthodontic patients have teeth that are much healthier than before they had braces. The most common problem following treatment with braces is the teeth shifting later. This can be minimized with the proper wearing of retainers.

My dentures are loose and uncomfortable. What does this mean?

Over time dentures need adjusting or refitting due to changes in your mouth. Even if you have no teeth you should see a dentist regularly for the fit of your dentures to be checked. The dentist will also check your mouth for other problems such as sores, infections and cancer.

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